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Owner     : Francesco Fontanot - Lima, Peru
E-mail    : fontanot@amauta.rcp.net.pe
Year      : 1987                      VIN : On File 
Color     : Red Mica (LE3P)
Engine    : 1.8L  16V -               Engine Code : PL012613X 
Trans Code: 
Assembled : Westmoreland, PA., USA - 
Mods      : Fully Balanced engine (crank, pistons, rods, piston pins, flywheel),
	    Fully blue printed engine, Lightened flywheel and crank,
	    1825cc displacement, 11:1 compression ratio, Autotech 16V Cam Set,
	    Autotech High Tension Valve Springs, Fuel Enrichment Module,
	    Ported and polished head with matched intake manifold,
	    K&N air cleaner, Neuspeed 8mm Spark plug wires, 
	    Neuspeed Upper Strut Tie bar, Autopower 6pt. rollcage,
	    Full Shine Racing suspension with Bilstein Sports & SRS springs & 
	    VR6 Strut Bearings, 15" binno competition 5 spoke rims,
	    Steering wheel, shift knob and pedals provided by MOMO,
	    White gauge face plates, Black powdercoated intake manifold and 
	    valve cover, Free flowing aluminized sport exhaust, Short Shifter
Miles     : 98,000
Misc      : Great Sound System, future mods include a Badger 5 ignition/injection kit
	    will come with a fully customizable ECU and direct injection and individual
	    throttle bodies for each cylinder. Same as used in the VW Kit Car. 
	    Set of big bumpers and quad headlight setup.
Other VWs : None
VW Clubs  : International Volkswagen Enthusiast Club
Joined    : 01/30/1998  - Updated: 09/14/2001  -  Member No: 465

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