"Idle Time"

Ever been just cruising along in your old Volkswagen when the throttle cable breaks? You were moving right along,
then "SNAP!" Not the engine still runs, brakes work, steering is fine, even the electricals are alive. But, without
that vital thread of throttle cable, the car's not going anywhere.

Last time I compared our car club to an old, tired Volkswagen. Well, the throttle cable of our club happens to be
time itself. Over the years, our time has worn thin and frayed. Late this summer, it finally broke. The core group
members don't have the time to keep the club engine revving. So, the choice came to either turn off the key and
park it (dissolve) or find someone with a new throttle cable (time to run the club).

The last meeting of September 22nd was to decide our future. Most of the core group was present; those diehards
who could not attend shared their opinions in writing. As expected, no one could offer a new "throttle cable,"
but it was a common consensus that we did not want to give up and dissolve. The majority of those in attendance
have invested 10+ years into this club and it's hard to let go.

So, we can to a decision that I personally think may work pretty well. We are going to keep thinks moving slowly
by letting the engine idle with the transmission in first gear....

Basically, instead of twelve plus meetings a year, we will have at least four meetings/activities a year.
An individual member will coordinate each quarterly activity (thus limiting anyone's time investment to once a year).
The rest of the membership gets to enjoy and participate. With only four gatherings a year, it's important to
support the individuals coordinating the activities and attend these functions. In the past, our club functions
have had poor attendance, which is partially the reason we have come to this point. So, keep your eye out and mark
your calendars for club functions. We need everyone's participation to keep our club alive.

Check out the details in the minute's section of the newsletter. If you have any questions, please feel free to call
any of the previous coordinators for more explanation.

Personally, I'd like to say "Thank You!" to all of you that have invested your time in this club over the years.
Having and being involved in this club has always been important to me. I've made a lot of friends and learned 
a lot too. I doubt there will ever be a time that I won't be involved with Volkswagens, but the fellowship
this club has given me is the icing on the cake!

Here's to the good times yet to come!........  Joe

Special Announcement :

A unanimous decision was made by the members present (at the September 22, 2002 club meeting) to continue the 
Peoples Car Club as a club, but streamline the activities  and responsibilities of the members.

Notable Changes:

	- Membership Fee will be $5.00, payable each January. New members joining between January 1st and June 30th
	  will pay the full $5.00. The fee will be waived for those individuals joining between July 1st and 
	  December 31st.
	- Coordinators positions dissolved
	- Newsletter Publication is discontinued


	- At least four club events will occur throughout the year. Each year, club members will be asked to 
	  volunteer to coordinate/facilitate one event. The facilitator for each event will contact Bart Graham
	  for a membership mailing list and to discuss funding. Each event facilitator will decide the type of
	  event and location.
	- Club events are NOT limited to four per year - if a member wishes to host an event aside from the 
	  designated seasonal events, he/she should contact Bart Graham for more details.
	- Each event coordinator will assume the responsibility of club members six weeks prior to the event.
	- 2003 Events:
		- Holiday Party - The Graham Family
		- Spring - David Leisure
		- Summer - John & Desiree Tritle
		- Fall - Joe and Amy Bausman


	- The Graham Family volunteered to continue as caretakers of the treasury and membership roster.
	  Event coordinators should contact Bart Graham to discuss funding for the event. If at some 
	  point, the overall PCC funds are insufficient, a decision will be made among the membership as to
	  moneymaking endeavors.


	- The PCC will no longer participate as coordinators for the car show portion of the Bug On in Monrovia, MD.

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